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Hous Studios is a private art, design, and tattoo studio, located in the Arts District of Los Angeles. Taking only one client per day, the studio is built around two central ideas: the client experience and the artist’s creative focus. Born with the ambition to elevate all aspects of the traditional tattoo practice, founder Noah Minuskin has done away with the walk-in, multi-chair atmosphere and replaced it with a completely custom and intimate experience that places the collector and the work at its center.

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Greece +

September 2017

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Sunrise meditations in the heart of Ancient Greece… thinking back before organized religion took over, here was a place dedicated purely to thinking, questioning, learning about our existence, and visualizing our true potential. Ideas started here that would grow and become how we view and make sense of the world we know today. The true birthplace of the modern world.

Everything we see in our daily lives, good and bad, government, the arts, science, morals and ethics, began in the form of an idea, or maybe a question, before it was reality. The power of our species is undeniable. They left a legacy, reminding us to continue to think forward and when doing so, think BOLD. Undeniable the influence this had on the way I approach my work.

Portugal +

August 2018

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Windows open in the studio, with the sound of trollies sweeping through the city and the cool breeze coming in from the coast. I knew Portugal was going to be special to us. Settling in to what would be our 20th trip to Europe, work was officially underway in the hills of Lisbon.

We have a good laugh when we realize my client’s arm is starting to resemble a passport; we did this section in Paris, this piece in Switzerland, this one in the US, and now the newest addition will take place in Portugal. One of the most special aspects of building a tattoo collection is the journey that is naturally unique to each individual. The experiences, the memories, watching this piece of artwork unfold before your eyes. For the ones that have been joining us on our international campaigns, the experiences and the stories that they bring home are those that will last a lifetime.

One thing I’ll never forget about this run came as the night was starting to wrap up from a long session. The clock struck midnight and my clients who were in from Sevilla had remembered that the next day was my mom’s birthday, and started to sing her happy birthday in Spanish. It’s moments like these that clients become family. Nothing but smiles and warmth across the room to wrap up another amazing session.